Nokia will introduce its first ever android smartphone, the Nokia 2017 this year. Here we are going to cover a complete information in our blog on this smartphone’s upcoming features, price and full specifications. We’d also be revealing its expected launch date too. In the nutshell, you’d be familiar with with Nokia Edge Features Launch Price in Germany Italy Spain Switzerland this year.

Nokia, once used to rule the mobile phones market in world’d second largest market India. Time changed and android smartphone giants like Samsung and Apple took over the market completely. Now Nokia is going to make comeback with New Nokia Edge 2017 smartphone.

The Edge is going to be first ever smartphone from very favorite mobile company, Nokia. Although Nokia hasn’t confirmed anything officially about the original name of upcoming Nokia android smartphone that’s why for now it’s been given the name as Nokia Edge.

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Nokia Edge Features Launch Price in Germany Italy Spain Switzerland (As per expectations).

Here in this blog article git familiar with the all new upcoming Nokia Edge features launch price in Germany Italy Spain Switzerland

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As per the present predictions, the Nokia Edge smartphone from Nokia is going to be loaded with very high features. With these high features, it’ll put Nokia completely in direct head to head competition with the smartphone giants in the likes of Apple, Samsung, Google, Sony, LG.

What are the facts related to this android smartphone? 😀

Nokia fans were waiting for this moment, since years. They’re waiting for this time, when Nokia will come up with first ever android smartphone that’ll provide them a with a new trust in Nokia. With super amazing features and freedom of operating system Android, Nokia Edge 2017 is not going to be alone in the race.

Nokia is going to cover all price segments, entry level, medium and high end in coming months. Edge 2017 is reserved for high price consuming customers. To other smartphones, Nokia D1 and Nokia D1C are also announced to compete  at entry at medium level smartphone market from Nokia’s side. These smartphones are all set to push Nokia higher in ranking charts soon.

Nokia is launching many feature phones also. In last couple of weeks we’ve seen three or four basic feature smartphones from company. From now it appears like Nokia do not want to leave any stone on touched in any of the price segment. They’re known for the big budget featured smartphones.

Knowing more about our today’s context regarding Nokia Edge Features Launch Price in Germany Italy Spain Switzerland like countries, we got that it would be either Nokia D1 or D1C to be launched first. They would not start direct with Edge in the first. As Nokia would be reserving this ‘Beast’ for future launches.

What would be the Consumer Response regarding this ‘Beast Device’ – Nokia Edge 2017? 😀

Giving you the further details about the new Nokia Edge Features Launch Price in Germany Italy Spain Switzerland, It’d really be interesting to see that how audience would react to new Android smartphones from Nokia.

What should be its specifications? (Expected)

Key Specifications of New Nokia Edge That you’re searching for :

Battery Non Removable Li-ion 3800 mAh
Camera Rare 23 MP,  Front 5 MP
Display 5.5 Inches 1080*1920 Pixels
Operating System Android 7.0 Nougat
Processor 2.3 GHz Octa Core, Qualcomm Snapdragon 652
Storage 4 GB RAM & 64 GB ROM
Connectivity Supports 2G, 3G, 4G Volte
Launch Date (Expected) 3rd Quarter of 2017

What shall be the price of Nokia Edge 2017?

Price of Nokia Edge Android Smartphone in the nations like Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland.

Price In Germany 1225 DEM
Price In Italy 1218495 ITL
Price In Spain 638 ESP
Price In Switzerland 694 CHF

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